About Us 

Raw Conservative started a few years ago with the help of a circle of like-minded journalists and writers. This circle of trusted professionals wanted to build their own site where they can write articles about various topics and issues from all over the world. We know how media can sometimes be dirty and unfair when giving news, but these people only wanted to share and write about the real news we need to know. As others try to fabricate some of these issues, these people on the other hand informs all of us of the accurate details.  

Trying to do this on their own seemed to be a bit impossible especially since this is quite a big project. They struggled a lot when it came to being recognized as a true and trustworthy website that provides news and information. But that didn’t make them lose courage. They capitalized on people’s trust and support to continue what they started. They also tried to earn more reliance and faith from more people so they would be able to inform all of us the accurate news. The fact that we all have the rights to know the truth only gave them more encouragement.  

Now, even though this website started a long time ago, the people still remained honest when writing their articles. It’s still the team’s purpose to inform people about accurate news and information on the issues that are happening all over the world. Gaining a few more workers, writers, journalists and staff helped them a lot with this mission. Up until now, they made sure to be the best when it comes to giving accurate news. More people are now relying on these people who provide truthful information. After all the years passed, it’s still our mission to be the Raw Conservative we were from the start, a news website that provides all the right information.