I am wondering when you post new articles for the news update. Would you care to tell me when and how often you post new articles in this website? 

We post articles all the time and we really don’t have a specific time of posting. As soon as we are able to finish an article about the latest news or issues, we immediately post them here in our website. Sometimes we post for about 2-3 times a day about one issue especially when we are updated about them. We quickly write something to share and post them here to be publicized.  

Can I get an update or notification whenever you post news or new articles? 

Yes, you can. If you want to be updated about our daily news, link your email to our website. You will be able to receive notifications and emails from us after that. But please make sure to filter the news you only want to receive for we may be able to send more than what you are interested in. 

Is there an easier way to find the news I’m looking for especially when there’s a lot of new articles posted at once? 

Yes, you can just search the headlines of the news or titles of the articles in the search engine for an easier way to find them. They may vary in terms of countries and also issues so you can just use keywords as filters. The most updated and latest ones will be shown first and the lists will go on according to the dates the articles and news were published. 


Do you only post about politics and not anything else? 

Our website started as a page that only posts articles and news about politics. But that changed a few years ago. We now post stories related to the economy, industry, education and everything else as long as the issues are important.