Daniel K. 

The news and articles were so useful and well-written. Every time I hear that there’s another news about certain issues I am interested in, I immediately open this website because I know that I can trust them to give me the real information. It’s also a great reference and source whenever we have reports and projects at school about current issues. 


Jay W. 

After checking out several news websites, I finally found the best one. Some news stories are too obvious that the writers are fabricating some facts or not really reporting on the truth. However, here at Raw Conservative, all written articles are purely accurate and informative. I like how the writers and journalists are honest with the news they share to other people. 


David L. 

As a teenager, I am already practicing to read a lot of articles and news about our country. Even though I wasn’t really interested, I know I have to be updated with the things going on. That’s why I found myself one day checking out many websites for the news reports. Luckily, I found this site through a friend and we now both share the same interest in this page. We really like how the articles are written and how it can make us, uninterested teenagers be curious about the news. 


Jenny L. 

I’m actually used to reading newspapers every morning but as time passed by, I grew sick of always discarding the papers after waiting for it. Since we all know technology makes our life easier, I tried to search for the best news website I can find and I saw this one. I’m not going to lie how they amazed me with the way they write articles and news every other day. It is also more convenient to read news online since you can bring it anywhere and read them anytime you want.