New Poll: Donald Trump With Commanding Lead

Donald Trump Commands “Yuge” Lead

In a new Reuters poll released Friday, Donald Trump has surged to a 32% lead with his closest competitor being Jeb Bush at 16% and Ben Carson rounding out 3rd at 8%.  The hard hitting candidate is fresh off a gigantic rally in Mobile, Alabama this past Friday and is showing no signs of slowing down. The pundits have questioned whether or not Donald Trump could break or get to the coveted one third of the vote and at 32% he has shown he is close.  After the September 16th debate on CNN, it is likely the well will run dry for some of the other candidates in the race forcing an early white towel that could see his numbers go even higher.

If Donald Trump can lock in even a mediocre performance at the second GOP debate, it is very likely he will be a major contender in the first vote in Iowa. It is obvious his message and unique delivery style is resonating with the majority of the Primary season voters and his refusal to succumb to the media onslaught of attacks only increases his strength.  It is officially the Trump show and he is the only one who can stop it.

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7 Comments on "New Poll: Donald Trump With Commanding Lead"

  1. What’s so humorous about this is that WE THE PEOPLE have not yet begun the fight to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN +++

  2. WE THE PEOPLE are looking forward to winning this one for the GIPPER… We can’t wait until our new on line Conservative call in / talk show for Christian, pro life, family oriented, anti amnesty AMERICAN PATRIOTS is on the air. The name of our new program is THE AMERICA MATTERS SHOW +++ WE THE PEOPLE are going to TAKE OVER AMERICA again and MAKE AMERICA GREAT ‘ AGAIN ‘. +++ ( Get over it )

  3. I’m scared of trump on the one hand because I think he thinks u can run this nations security and sovereignty like a deal out of his book, (the art of the deal) on the other hand I am excited for the fresh faces he has helped bring to the forefront of the republican party. My worst fear is that he splits the party with an independent bid and cripples the chances of a conservative president in the 2016 election.

    • My feeling is he is waking up the Republican Party. The electorate are tired of the status quo and the results of the last 3 elections with moderate candidates. He is in a sense, sparking a movement to get the Republicans back to the party of limited Government and Constitutional Responsibility. It is yet to be seen whether or not this movement can continue and has the steam to make it through the general election. We have to hope so.

      • I agree with your statement completely! I pray no one runs out of steam. We must take America back and be the country that other countries look up to.

  4. Go Don We Love You!

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