Bush Is A Big Spending Liberal At This Point..

Bush slamming Trump again over not being a Conservative in New Hampshire

Mom Is the Only Supporter

Jeb Bush has been angry at Donald Trump for so long now, it’s amazing he hasn’t reached stroke levels.  The train wreck of a campaign can’t even get above 3% nationally even with a Super PAC that has a war chest of $100 Million to waste.  The anger over his inevitable failure to win the White House has forced Jeb Bush to create a new ad featuring the soft spoken and nationally cherished Barbara Bush in attempt to save his embarrassing campaign.  There is just one problem, Mom didn’t want him to run to begin with…

Not even his brother, W. is willing to come out of hiding even though he has promised that his brother was going to help him in his campaign.  Well, we are 7 days away from Iowa and still no sign of big brother to come to his rescue and his bottom feeder poll numbers would suggest he has about three weeks remaining in this pointless campaign.  When the entire family sees the writing on the wall, a smart person, would most likely see that there is no chance and bow out for the sake of family name and legacy, but with Jeb, it’s the exact opposite.  Preaching Conservative principles and how he is a true Conservative, the Common Core, Amnesty Granting, Big Government, Establishment, and Dynasty politician hack, is about the furthest thing from Conservative as you can get.

Jeb Bush throwing a tantrum at a rally in Iowa over his distaste for Trump

Jeb Bush throwing a tantrum at a rally in Iowa over his distaste for Trump

Wasting millions of dollars through his various super PAC on mailers, radio and TV ads, as well as huge billboards all over the country, is a prime example of how Government waste takes place in Washington.  Having all the resources that Bush has and still not able to muster more than a 3% average of national polls, but still continuing to run, just proves that he believes that he is supposed to be President and it prepared to waste as much money as possible to get what he thinks is his.   Donald Trump completely derailed Bush after labeling him “Low Energy” and Jeb! has never been able to recover.  After getting creamed repeatedly by Trump in rally after rally and the news media playing the attacks from Trump over and over again, Bush has lost the election before anyone stopped to even look at his horrific record.  It is obvious, we aren’t Bush fans right?

The RAW Scoop is this.  How you could still be supporting Jeb Bush at this point in the race is mind boggling.  The arrogance to think that the country is willing to stomach another Bush in the White House just to set a record for the most family members to hold the office, is a complete insult to the intelligence of the American People.  We are thoroughly looking forward to the end of February when the field is trimmed down to candidates that actually have a chance.  Santorum, Paul, and Huckabee will all be gone after Iowa.  Kasich, Fiorina,  and Christie will all be gone after New Hampshire and Carson and Bush will finally be gone after South Carolina.  That will leave Trump, Cruz, and Rubio in to Super Tuesday which is win Trump will finally clinch the nomination. Hang in there folks, we are almost finished with these clowns..

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