Donald Trump With His Highest National Poll Ever

Trump at a town hall in Aiken, SC

Donald Trump Doubles The Field For The Nomination

In the latest Quinnipiac poll released today, Trump holds a 20 point lead nationally to win the GOP nomination.  This is the highest that Donald Trump has polled in this survey, sitting currently at 39%.  Some have argued that Trump would be unable to grow his support base over 30% nationally and that he has hit his ceiling.  Sitting at 39%, Trump has surpassed the suggested ceiling so far with 9% to spare and as more candidates leave the race after Super Tuesday, it will be interesting to see if Trump can get over the coveted 50% margin.  If he is able to win South Carolina in the states open primary on Saturday, it will be difficult for any of the other candidates to slow the Trump Train.  Having his highest polling to date nationally, and then capping it off with a big win in South Carolina, it will give him all the momentum he needs to win the nomination handily come March 1st and the Super Tuesday sweepstakes.

Trump has an ever growing base of support in South Carolina

Trump has an ever growing base of support in South Carolina

Things are looking good for the Trump campaign and as his support increases, so does his media attention and coverage.  The media has been fixated on Trump ever since he announced his candidacy back on June 16th of last year.  He has by far the largest crowds attending his rallies and if the voter turnout in New Hampshire is any indication of what is to come in South Carolina, he could very well win the open primary with embarrassingly huge margins for the other candidates.  The politics in South Carolina are notoriously brutal and have a tendency to test the patience and will of candidates to proceed suffering a defeat.  Ted Cruz, who is the only candidate close to Trump in South Carolina has released a string of attack ads and robo calls in an effort to chip away at Trump, but it could very well be, a day late and a dollar short.  With the weather in South Carolina expected to be 70 degrees and sunny skies, the turnout could shatter previous records which works in The Donald’s favor.  Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the first in the south primary.

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