Original Gangsta Jeb! Launches Twitter War With Trump

Jeb getting more energy as he gets closer to losing

Jeb Says “Trump Is A Liar, Loser, and a Whiner”

After getting busted for arguing over Eminent Domain in the debate when it was released the Bush family used Private Eminent domain to build a baseball stadium, Jeb Bush attempts to get back at Trump by launching a Twitter war.  The tweet was sent out of nowhere claiming that Trump was a Loser, a Liar and a Whiner and John McCain is a hero.  Donald Trump pretty much destroyed the Jeb! campaign after it’s launch with the low key, but highly effective term “low energy person”.  Jeb has never been able to recover from Trump’s accusation and he he has been bitter about it ever since.  After the New Hampshire Primary, the road gets rather narrow for Bush who continues to poll near the bottom nationally.  He is however, showing for him, what would be considered a surge in the polling in New Hampshire on the eve of the vote in a tie for 2nd.

Jeb plays tough guy and it only makes him look weaker.

Jeb plays tough guy and it only makes him look weaker.

It will be interesting to see how Donald Trump responds to Bush after this random Twitter attack.  As much as Trump loves Twitter, I fully expect some kind of devastating response from Trump that will of course, cripple the Jeb campaign even further.  For whatever reason, Bush cannot help himself but to continue to attack Trump even though it crushes his campaign.  One thing is for sure, it makes the process fun to watch, but at the same time, it is difficult to watch the continued embarrasment that is the Jeb! campaign.  Everyone knows that Jeb is about the furthest thing there is from a Conservative and is the King of the establishment.  The only thing he will accomplish is the same thing that is currently in office and there aren’t many Americans interested in it anymore.  Poor Jeb!


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