Rubio Looking To End His Career In Politics

Marco could win in his career, but not by losing his home state

Donald Trump With Massive Poll Leads Ahead Of Florida

Call it youthful arrogance or just plain ole fashioned stupidity, but for whatever reason, Marco Rubio is staring in the eyes of his political demise.  The Senator from Florida is less than 5 days away from being completely destroyed in his home state of Florida.  Unless there is a tremendous error in the polling, Rubio is behind by an average of 20 points and could take a beating by that margin come Tuesday in the winner take all state.  Marco Rubio is obviously frustrated with politics and it showed during his brief time in the US Senate.  He has already committed to giving up his Senate seat and has no plans to run for re-election.  It appears that by staying in the race for the White House, he has bet all his chips on one shot.  A loss in his home state would destroy any chance that he would have if he decides to run for Governor or some other position.

Marco Rubio sweating over D.C.  He is hoping to lose  another one.

Marco Rubio sweating over D.C. He is hoping to lose another one.

Maybe this is how he wants to exit the political arena, but it is not the best way by any stretch of the imagination.  Even if he wants to get back in to the private sector, most employers want people that are at least smart enough to know when to quit and put pride aside for the greater good.  Yes, he has an establishment banner to carry, but at this point, just 5 days away and being 20 points behind is a total embarrassment.  Little Marco began in the Senate with a lot of promise coming from the Tea Party movement, but he quickly began to disappoint his constituency with low vote attendance and sponsoring horrible legislation like the Gang of 8 amnesty bill.  He is truly about to become a political one hit wonder.  He is now on the campaign trail telling people to vote for Kasich in Ohio rather than for  himself which is essentially a white flag of surrender.  If you are already going to campaign for Kasich, then pull out of the race and save yourself the embarrassing and career ending loss you have coming on Tuesday.

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