Cruz/Kasich Alliance Will Destroy Them

Cruz/KasichThe alliance of political death

Ted Cruz Commits Political Suicide With Kasich Alliance

For nearly 11 months, we have heard that Senator Ted Cruz is the ultimate Washington Outsider.  He is supposed to be the consummate Conservative that has been fighting the establishment his entire career.  This is the Senator that called Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a liar from the senate floor and never backed down from it.  This is also the Senator that has been begging for Kasich to get out of the race so that he can take Donald Trump head on and win.  So why has he all of a sudden decided to make a deal with a candidate that he has been calling a usurper and an interference in the process?  It certainly has a lot of Ted Cruz supporters scratching their heads.  Let’s look at this alliance for a moment and it’s repercussions.


Cruz and Kasich have alienated their supporters

Imagine for a moment that you are a Ted Cruz volunteer from Oregon and Washington.  You have been stumping for your candidate for the last 11 months and have been relentless in your attempts to spread the word about Ted Cruz.  You have created flyers, social media campaigns, Facebook Groups, explained the rules, and even convinced people of the Conservative establishment fighting Cruz as the best choice when going in to the voting booth.  Now all of a sudden in the 11th hour, the candidate that you have been fighting for just threw you under the bus and contradicted everything you have been promoting by teaming up with the ultimate Washington insider and not campaigning in your state.

That is essentially what Ted Cruz has decided to do by giving Kasich campaign freedom in those states.  It is shameful and disgraceful.  By not campaigning in all 50 states, Ted Cruz is telling the country that the only thing he cares about is himself and not the people that have been supporting him across the country.  It is the ultimate betrayal to spit in the face of the very volunteers that have given him the grassroots ground game, that he so famously talks highly of.  The same exact thing can be said for Kasich volunteers that have been thrown under the bus in Indiana.  These two candidates have done nothing with this alliance but betray their supporters.  In the end, it will prove to be their political fates.

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