Donald Trump Hits 50% Nationally For The First Time

Donald Trump LeadsTrump leads the party nationally at 50% for the first time

Donald Trump Hits Critical Milestone In National Polling

For the first time in national polling, Donald Trump Leads have hit 50% Republican voter support since the polls were first conducted beginning in December.  The NBC News/Survey Monkey poll that consisted of 9,405 registered Republican voters showed that 50% of them support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.  Considering the argument that has been made by the Cruz campaign and the establishment Republicans that Trump doesn’t have the support of the majority, these are great numbers for Donald Trump and spell trouble for Hillary Clinton in the general election.  If the Republican party continues to unite behind Trump, it will be extremely difficult for Hillary Clinton to defeat him in November.

Donald Trump Leads

Trump leads the party nationally at 50% for the first time

As far as general election matchup polls are concerned, Donald Trump has also seen his numbers against Hillary improve to just 3% between the two party front runners.  General Election polls before there are two definitive candidates are extremely inaccurate due to variability in the choices when there are still other candidates in the race, but this is a marked improvement over similar polls in the past that show Hillary beating Trump significantly.  As the party continues to realize what is at stake in November, the polling will continue to improve in Trump’s favor.

Some more significant data from the poll shows that 49% of Independents support Donald Trump which is up 6% from previous polls.  If Trump is able to win 50% of the Independent vote and crossover Democrats in November, Hillary Clinton will suffer a landslide defeat and that doesn’t include the disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters that will be angered over the Super Delegate process in the Democrat nominating process.

It is now up to the Republican party to determine whether or not they want to win in November and how they conduct themselves at the Convention will be the keys to success.  A Contested Convention will absolutely destroy any chance the Republican party can win in November and it becoming crystal clear that unity must happen and happen rapidly.

You can see the full poll results HERE

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