Donald Trump Leads California Big

Donald Trump LeadsIt will be a tough road to 1,237

Donald Trump Leads In Latest California Poll

In the latest CBS/YouGov poll in California, Donald Trump leads with an 18 point advantage over Senator Ted Cruz at 49%.  Approaching ever so closely to the winner take most threshold of 50%, Trump could lock up the majority of the delegates in the state, which could get him much closer to the 1,237 he needs to lock up the nomination of the first ballot at the convention in Cleveland.  With strong leads in New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey, it will essentially come down to his performance in New Mexico and Indiana to determine whether or not he will have the magic number.

Donald Trump Leads

It is down to two at the wire

It is certainly shaping up to be a spring and summer of primary chaos as the Republican Party continues to struggle with Public Relation and the perception of deception within the Primary system.  With party bosses and unbound delegates playing a huge factor in the eventual winner, Ted Cruz appears to have the stronger ground game, but will come up short in the popular vote by the time the last votes are counted.  As far a Kasich is concerned, there is absolutely nothing he can do to win the nomination and is simply wasting his and the voters time by creating a wedge within the party and the process.  After the vote in New York tomorrow, expect to see the calls for his exit to increase even further.  The RNC will have meetings this week in Hollywood, FL with the Rules committee of the party to determine the final qualifiers at the convention.  It will be interesting to see how they handle it and if there are planning any additional tactics to eliminate the two front runners.

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