Donald Trump Will Sweep “Big League” Super Tuesday Three

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is a day away from locking it up.

Donald Trump Has Enormous Poll Leads In Remaining Northeast States

Donald Trump commands massive leads in the remaining northeast states set to vote on the third Super Tuesday.  If the numbers hold, he could very easily be on his way to clinching the nomination on the first ballot with the required delegate majority of 1,237.  In all of the states that are set to vote, Ted Cruz is languishing in third place in 4 out of the 5 which could make his case that much more difficult in taking out the front runner.

The race for the nomination will essentially come down to the state of California where Donald Trump currently holds a 15 point lead according to the latest Fox News poll released last week.  With Ted Cruz and John Kasich promising to team up against the front runner in states ahead of California, the delegate game looks to be nearly insurmountable for Cruz, who currently needs 101% of remaining delegates up for grabs through the normal primary process.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump could easily sweep the third Super Tuesday

If Donald Trump sweeps on the third Super Tuesday, it will be nearly impossible to deny him the nomination.  In a field that began with 17 candidates, the odds of achieving the majority of 50% or more would have been next to impossible and there is no way to determine how many voters in the early states would have voted for Trump is their candidate weren’t in the race.  The case can easily be made that under the current conditions, someone controlling nearly 40% of the vote is at the highest possible mark in such a vast field.

The GOP has a decision to make and they are running out of time to make it.  Unifying the party must take place rapidly in order to have even a remote chance of beating Hillary Clinton in November.  The continuous effort to derail Donald Trump could be put to rest after a sweep on Tuesday and this is exactly what Trump is looking to do.  The ball will be squarely in the hands of the RNC and the remaining candidates left in the race to decide the fate of the GOP.

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