Hillary Clinton Will Win In November Unless..

Hillary Will WinThe division of the party cannot be overcome

The Republicans May Lose The Election Before It Starts

If there is one thing that Republican party has proven to be masters at, it’s political suicide.  They absolutely love to kill themselves and seem to get better at it with every election.  Whether it is lying on the campaign trail or intentionally disregarding their Constitutional obligations to balance the power, they always seem to be on the wrong side of their constituents and the best direction of the country.  The election in 2016 is inching closer and closer to their best suicide yet.  With these idiotic social media movements and backroom tactics of blocking one candidate over another at the polls or at the convention, they are setting themselves up for their biggest defeat ever.  In fact, it could be so bad, it literally erases the party from existence.

The simple truth is the Republican party is about to reach a point where there is no scenario where they win in November.  The division is so vast within the party, the Trump supporters won’t show up for Cruz and the Cruz supporters won’t show up for Trump.  If they parachute in a savior candidate, no one shows up at all.  They are essentially in a no win scenario and it is nearly solidified.  The convention will be the final bullet to the head of the party when the obvious and apparent chaos unfolds during the delegate ballot process.  Since for the first time in election history, the voters are paying attention to the process like never before, they will not be unable to hide from or behind their own rules and how the people interpret them.  They have only been successful at amassing more disdain and hatred for themselves and it’s simply because they have the worst Public Relations department known to man.

Hillary Wins

November 2016 could very well be the end of the GOP

After literally a century, the majority of the voting public think we live in a Democracy and are only recently learning that we live in a Republic.  This is a testament to how bad they have been at educating the average voter and explaining the process of selecting the candidate to run for their party.  People vote and a candidate wins.  It’s supposed to be that simple—at least that is the way the people believe it is supposed to be.  The average voter doesn’t care about delegates, conventions, first, second or third ballots, and they certainly aren’t interested in learning it in the 11th hour. The Republican party however, continue to talk about the process, but fail to acknowledge the voters “interpretation” of the process.  Perception trumps–no pun intended–reality and that is just life.  It isn’t anymore complicated than that.

People don’t know what they don’t know and they will go wherever they can to learn it, even if the source is complete garbage.  That is the internet age we live in, so when I hear Republican party bosses talk about how “this has happened at conventions in the past” or “Abraham Lincoln won by a contested convention”, I literally want to reach through the TV and choke the person. Abraham Lincoln didn’t have a phone, let alone a Twitter feed, and he certainly wasn’t on TV trying to change the “News Cycle”.  Give me a freaking break.  This isn’t 1860 or even 1976.  What this is, is a Hillary Clinton win in 2016, because the Republican party still thinks like it’s 1860.  This is why they get their asses kicked in nearly every policy issue and continually cave on their principles.

If the Republican party isn’t able to bring the voters and the party together, it will not only guarantee a Hillary Clinton Presidency, but it will literally be the end of the GOP forever.  They will never be able to recover from their self inflicted PR disaster and the Supreme Court will be lost for the next quarter century.  The Never Trump people and the Never Cruz people need to seriously have a come to Jesus meeting and look at the options.  I understand “principles” and “values”, but if you are a Never Trump person, would it not be against your principles to let Hillary win?  Even if Trump is a Democrat in your mind, would he not at least be a “maybe” at replacing Scalia with a Conservative, when the alternative is a guaranteed “Hell No” coming from Hillary?  For the sake of our rights, i’ll take a maybe over a no any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

You have to keep this in mind.  The Republican party is to blame for what is happening. They are the ones that have created this Trump phenomena and Cruz Conundrum.  They brought these outsiders to their door step and now they want to get rid of them by having their supporters fight each other.  They are about to get exactly what they want.  Another 4 years of the ultimate insider…Hillary Rodham Clinton…

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  1. Neither the Republican nor the Democrat Party care about their Respective Parties. They certainly DON’T CARE ABOUT WE THE PEOPLE. Their ONLY CONCERNS ARE POWER and THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS. In reality many if the Same Money Boys that FINANCE THE Republican’s are the same THUGS THAT FINANCE the Democrats. If Trump Loses the Presidency it will be the DEMISE OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The Democrats aren’t too far behind. The SILENT MAJORITY IS FINALLY AWAKENING. There will be more SILENT Majority members to follow if Hillary Wins. She WONT and CAN’T DELIVER ON her Campaign Promises. She will be under ORDERS FROM THE MONEY BOYS TO DO THEIR BIDDING. And they DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WE THE PEINS!!!! We could be witnessing a Second Civil War in OUR LIFETIME!!!!!

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