John “The Jack Ass” Kasich Is A Waste Of Time

John Kasich Waste Of TimeJohn Kasich Will Be Destroyed if Chosen As Nominee

Waste of Time Kasich Planning “Second Place” Win Strategy

The total and complete waste of time, John Kasich, is planning to win the nomination by perfecting his “second place” strategy ahead of the convention in his home state of Cleveland.  The karate chopping and combless Kasich, is laughably unable to take a clue from the electorate that he is simply not wanted.  While there are some loyal Kasich voters out there,  there aren’t nearly enough of them wasting their time, to give him even a remote chance of winning the nomination.

John Kasich Waste Of Time

Kasich is anti-American

Kasich needs a tremendous amount of time wasters between now and the convention in order to even come close to second place finishes in any of the remaining states.  The one and done Governor just doesn’t seem to care about anyone but himself, or is just too stupid to see that this isn’t the year for RINO politics.  In either case, if John Kasich wants to continue to be an idiot and waste people’s time and money, it is his right to do so.  Considering this Primary could have been settled months ago without the idiotic Kasich in the race, his continued existence as a candidate, only enrages voters even further.

It appears that John Kasich is running for a VP position for the eventual nominee, but with all of the feathers he has ruffled and voters that he has angered, he could actually do damage as a member of a Republican ticket.  The vast majority of voters in this years electorate are absolutely sick of John Kasich and his totally selfish campaign.  If John Kasich were to somehow win the Republican nomination after all we have been through, you can kiss the Republican party goodbye.  Surely, even Reince Cheesebus would see this as a suicide mission.  Only time will tell.

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