New Rasmussen Poll Shuts Up Ted Cruz

Rasmussen PollTrump tied with Hillary before General Election has even started

Donald Trump Now  Tied With Hillary Clinton In General Election Matchup

Senator Ted Cruz has been barking for months on how Donald Trump cannot beat Hillary Clinton and if he is the nominee, will lose in a landslide.  The new Rasmussen poll shows something completely different.  According to the poll, Trump and Hillary are now tied at 38% and the General Election hasn’t even begun.  What Ted Cruz fails to recognize, is the appetite for dynasty establishment politics on both sides of the aisle is gone.  The country has had enough of Clinton’s and Bushes, and aren’t about to put Slick Willy back in the White House in any capacity.  Rasmussen reports has built a reputation on being the most accurate polling firm in politics and this poll is an indicator of what is ahead in November.  Hillary Clinton will lose in a major way versus Donald Trump.

Rasmussen Poll

Lyin’ Ted gets proven wrong in latest national poll

Since the Republican nomination is essentially locked up, the Ted Cruz campaign are a fish out of water and refuse to unite the party.  They continue to promote division and #nevertrump movements across Social Media and don’t even come close to practicing what they preach with “I will unite the Republican Party”.  Ted Cruz continues to be the stubborn child that is unable to see the writing on the wall and routinely makes up polls and concocts acts of desperation to keep his campaign alive.  Between the idiotic alliance with Kasich and choosing Carly Fiorina as a running mate when you haven’t even won the nomination, Cruz is running a complete campaign of panic.  It is time to admit and face reality.  Donald Trump is the Republican nominee and you are either for him or you are a Hillary Clinton supporter.  It isn’t any more complicated than that.  You either get on board and at least attempt to protect your rights or you join the Hillary Campaign.  You can read the full poll results HERE

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