The Party Will Create A Convention Of Chaos

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It’s About Perception, Not Party Rules And Delegates

The primary season for the Republican party nomination has certainly been interesting in 2016.  On the flip side, the process has been entirely confusing and convoluted at best.  While rules are what ultimately have to be followed in order to win at the convention, its the perception of the voters that the Republican party have ignored entirely.  How delegates are awarded is different in all 50 states and the weight of the vote from the populous is either meaningful or meaningless in the delegate selection process, depending on the state in question at the moment.  It is nearly impossible to keep up with, if you are the average primary voter.

The Republican party loves to talk about the rules and how the convention and process actually works, but have one of the worst public relations departments known to man.  Very few people understand the rules and most have no idea where to go to even learn them.  The candidates don’t talk about them and neither do the party bosses.  The rules are the rules and they simply leave it up to the people to learn them or not.  This creates a perception of deceit and tricks on the part of the party to pick the nominee of their choosing, rather than voters at the ballot box.  Whether this is intentional or not, is yet to be determined, but as it stands currently, the GOP electorate doesn’t trust the party with a ten foot pole.



Master of disaster hard at work

No one cares about the rules and for the party to think that 60 million people will take the time to read them, is laughable.  The voters see theft, deception, trickery, and fraud, even when there might not be any.  Even the establishment wizard, Karl Rove, has problems drawing out the rules on his infamous white board.  No one knows what the Hell is going on and this is the biggest problem facing the Republican party ahead of the convention in Cleveland.  Voters assume that when a candidate wins a state, they win the state.  They aren’t delving in to the depths of congressional districts and proportional delegations.  They see the news media say “Candidate A” wins “Insert State Here” and that’s it.  This is the simple reality that the Republican party refuses to accept or acknowledge.

The RAW Scoop is this.  The Republican party wonders why there is backlash when Cruz wins Colorado without a single vote?  It is because the people don’t understand their party rules and for the ones that do, they disapprove of them.  The Republican party appears to be doing everything in their power to kill themselves and create absolute chaos in Cleveland.  It is completely baffling how much hate the Republican party has for their own voters and constituents.  They truly hate you…passionately so..

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