Ted Cruz Considering Fiorina As Running Mate

A dream ticket?

Carly Fiorina Is The Front Runner For A Cruz VP Pick

Sources close to the failed Fiorina campaign are confirming that Ted Cruz is considering choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate for the General Election.  As If there weren’t enough clichés already in the ticket, adding a female running mate seems to be a strategy that is being looked at to combat the Hillary Clinton machine in November.  Of course, none of this really matters unless Ted Cruz is able to win the nomination of the Republican party, and after the results of today’s primaries, could be highly unlikely.

Carly Fiorina

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina at a Town hall

The fast talking and policy quick Fiorina scored few points during her failed run for the White House and was essentially at the bottom of the pack nearly the entire time her campaign was operational.  Quickly coming out to endorse Ted Cruz after suspending her campaign, she was the immediate favorite to be chosen as the VP pick for Ted Cruz if he were to win the nomination.  The only problem is, she was one of the worst CEO’s in American history and is scene as simply a female to give the Republican party a chance against the fake war on women.

Fiorina has been vigorously campaigning for Senator Cruz after her endorsement and is currently stumping for the first term Senator in California.  With the new strategy to alienate the entire Republican party from each other by forming an alliance between Cruz and Kasich, the Cruz campaign are doing everything they can to change the News Cycle and build some kind of momentum ahead of the ass handing that Trump will be putting on him in the Northeast contests of Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware.

Senator Cruz has only one chance left to stop Donald Trump and that is in the winner take all state of Indiana.  Trump currently holds a slim lead in the state, but with just one week to go, could build enough momentum after the Northeast wins to lock up the nomination ahead of the big delegate prizes out west.

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