Ted Cruz Is Now A Hillary Clinton Campaign Staffer

Ted CruzTed Cruz essentially a part of the Clinton campaign

Cruz Now Works For Hillary Clinton Technically

Back in March, Senator Ted Cruz suggested than any candidate that does not have a clear path to the nomination, should drop out of the race, as it does nothing for the Republican party to stay in and only serves to create further division.  Well, Ted Cruz hasn’t had a clear path to the nomination for over a month now, but is still running for President.  Needing 110% of the remaining delegates at stake in order to win the nomination outright, Senator Cruz is now technically a Hillary Clinton Campaign staffer.  Even with RNC rules set that the candidate for the party must reach the majority of delegates, the chances of the party refusing the nomination for Donald Trump is slim and none if he comes up short of 60 or so delegates.  If the Republican party has any chance of winning in November, it will not help their cause to create mass chaos at the convention, but this is exactly what Senator Ted Cruz wants.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz joins the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Ted Cruz is now officially running a Republican campaign for Hillary Clinton.  The longer he stays in the race, the longer and more expansive the division gets.  Even if he were to win Indiana, it will not change the trajectory of the race or the delegate haul that Trump will gain in states like California, Oregon, New Mexico, and New Jersey.  The continuation of the Cruz campaign looks more and more like a selfish act of desperation, rather than a real effort to win the nomination.  Considering that he has no chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates needed in order to avoid a contested convention, he is now no different than John Kasich—a candidate that he has been blasting on the campaign trail for interfering in the process.  Ted Cruz is increasingly hypocritical and is rapidly becoming a walking double standard.  The simple truth is, any candidate that stays in the race that doesn’t have a path to the nomination, is a Hillary Clinton Campaign staffer.  We live in a country with a two party system that is viable.  Anything else is a wasted vote, even though it may be principled and you sleep better at night.  Just remember, that when you wake up in the morning, Hillary Clinton will be President…

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