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Principled VoteWe are down to two and the decision is easy.

The Primary Is Over And Unity Must Be Achieved

The year long and brutal primary season is over.  The candidates have come and gone and we are now left with a decision to make.  The decision we have to make is not an easy one and will take some time to adjust to.  There is no question that the division within the Republican party is deep and wide and there are millions of voters that feel disenfranchised over the remaining choices. Donald Trump has captured the nomination for the Republican party and if we want to even have a chance of saving the Republic, we must unite behind him and defeat Hillary Clinton.  The very Republic that we love is at stake and the future of our children rests solely on whether or not we were able to set our pride aside and give our nation a chance.  It is chance and the principled unprincipled vote that we all have to seriously consider.

We have to unite behind Trump.  It's the only viable option to save the country

We have to unite behind Trump. It’s the only viable option to save the country


Let’s first assess Hillary Clinton and her objectives and goals if she were to win the White House.  These are campaign positions that she is running on and not historical positions or media spun hyperbole.  Of course, some opinion sprinkled in…


Hillary Clinton has pushed for, legislated, and taken campaign contributions on the promise of government run Universal Healthcare.  She has run on a platform of expanding Obamacare and promises to keep it in place permanently.

2nd Amendment

Hillary Clinton has promised, promoted, and legislated restrictions to the 2nd Amendment.  She makes no bones about it.  She wants to take away our rights to keep and bear arms and has pushed a massive gun control agenda on the campaign trail similar to the confiscation programs in Australia and United Kingdom.


Hillary Clinton has promised and ran on an increase in taxes for job creators and corporations.  She has not only promised the “fair share” argument, but has also promised to regulate certain industries in to the ground.  Coal, steel, energy, utility, and medical industries will see an enormous increase in taxation and regulation to the point where the industries will all but vanish or be completely consumed and controlled by the federal government.

Religious Liberty

Hillary has promised to restrict religious freedom and strip it from society.  She not only wants a separation from church and state, but she wants a separation from the church IN the state.  She has no respect for religion and has essentially said as much on the campaign trail.


Hillary Clinton has promised Amnesty for all illegals currently in the country.  She has openly admitted that she doesn’t only want them to get citizenship, but she has promised to do nothing on border security and has said she wants to “replace walls, with bridges”.  This is the Democrat platform and has been for decades.  They need the border to be overrun with illegal immigrants so they can grant them citizenship and keep a permanent base of voters in the country.


Hillary Clinton has promised to bring in as many migrants as possible.  She agrees with President Obama’s plan to bring in 250,000 or more Syrian Migrants, even though we have no way to vet them, and have no clue who they are or where they really came from

National Security

Hillary Clinton has absolutely no strategy to defeat ISIS and the problems in the middle east as it relates to our allies and our protection here at home.  She is also a woman.  This is a major problem considering that the countries and terrorists we are in conflict with hate and have no respect for women.  She is the worst possible Representative of strength and our enemies would take advantage of her in ways we have never seen before.  The larger concern would be her “taking it to the man” under these conditions.  She is liable to get us involved in a personal war to prove her strength, rather than be concerned with the security of the United States.  Being a woman is a disadvantage in the age of global Radical Islamic terrorism.

Trade Policy

The Clinton’s are responsible for some of the worst trade policies our country has ever seen.  Between NAFTA, which decimated manufacturing and textiles, and her recent approval of the TPP, Hillary Clinton will continue to create and condone massive trade deficits that will cost us jobs and economic growth.

Banking and Finance

Hillary Clinton has promised to expand and strengthen Dodd Frank.  The Dodd Frank Act has already destroyed the banking industry with credit and lending restrictions to the point where small businesses are unable to get loans and banks are no longer able to make internal decisions to lend.  She wants to restrict this industry even further, which will continue to squeeze the middle class and destroy small business.

Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton will appoint liberal justices to the SCOTUS.  It isn’t a maybe, its a guarantee.  The court will be lost for a generation and the country will never be the same.

Her Name, Husband, and Legacy

Hillary Clinton is running as a 3rd term Obama and a 30 year incumbent.  These are the very people that have been responsible for the destruction of America.  The Clinton machine doesn’t care about America and only cares about power.  Putting Bill Clinton back in the White House under the guise of a Hillary Clinton Presidency is against anything and everything that Republicans and principled Conservatives stand for.  It cannot be allowed to happen and if it does, we should prepare ourselves for another 4 years of cigars and dress stains.

These are positions that she is campaigning on and policies that she has pushed as a Senator and as Secretary of State.  This is Hillary Clinton and what is ahead in November if we don’t vote for the alternative.

If you do not vote for the only other viable alternative, you are essentially voting for Hillary Clinton.  I realize it is a crappy deal and not something that most folks want to do.  It’s real simple.  A principled vote for a 3rd party candidate will make you feel good and sleep well at night, but you will wake up the next morning disarmed, paying higher taxes, balancing your home budget with common core math, feeding illegals, fearing migrants, and doing it all while saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas in the long long line of a government run doctors office.

By definition, your principled vote is against your Conservative principles.  We cannot give the White House to Hillary Clinton.  We must unite and defeat her to even give the country a “chance”.

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