The Damn Anti-American Gun Control Debate

Gun ControlGun Control is about people control. Nothing more.

The Gun Control Debate Is Totally Anti-American

I am quite frankly sick and tired of the progressive left’s horrendous interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.  I honestly don’t know how a Democrat can currently be elected to public office considering the very oath they take to assume the office, is immediately violated the moment they start infringing on American gun rights.  If we were to simply assume they are all dumb and stupid (which I’m getting awfully close to concluding), they have never read the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution.  You almost have to draw that conclusion considering the perpetual effort by the Left to strip away gun rights from law abiding American Citizens.

According to the liberal left, the 2nd Amendment reads as follows:

“A well cleaned musket, being necessary to the acquisition of a free meal, the right for the people to keep and own muskets shall not be infringed, unless technology changes.”

Anyone who cares about the Constitution knows that the Founding Fathers weren’t concerned with squirrels, deer, and rabbits when writing the Bill of Rights.  Anyone with any clue on history would realize that when writing the 2nd Amendment, it was written during a time where muskets were the latest and greatest firearms.  They were also the only firearms, so the natural conclusion was made that governments and people would be on equal playing fields.  This is the reason it was defined as “arms” and not “muskets” in the actual writing and it would have a forever lasting validity period, regardless of technological advances in firearms.

Gun Control

Not just protection of yourself, but for your country.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is one thing and one thing alone.  It is the right of the people to defend themselves from each other and a tyrannical government.  Period.  End of story.  Thank you , I’ll be here all week…seriously.

All jokes aside, in what world do the liberal left think we wanted Independence from?  We weren’t freeing ourselves from a Grateful Dead Concert, or an up close and personal accoustic set from Simon and Garfunkel.  We declared Independence from a brutal monarchy and King who was tyrannical in every sense of the word.  The 2nd Amendment assures the people’s ability to see that this form of oppression and government, never comes to power again.  With any freedoms, there are prices you pray.  Freedom isn’t free and America isn’t loaded with a bunch of Mother Teresa’s. You will have law breakers, mass murderers, and in general crazy people that are intent on doing crazy and sadistic things.

Banning “assault rifles” or any firearms for that matter, will do absolutely nothing to address the insane people that exist among us.  It will also accomplish nothing in regards to the millions of “assault rifles” that Obama has sold like hot cakes over the last 7 years either.  What the left wants to do is confiscation.  They want to gather up what is in private hands already, and then ban any future sale of firearms they deem inappropriate.  This has been done in the past with fully automatic rifles.  In 1934, the National Firearms Act effectively outlawed fully automatic firearms without crazy amounts of paperwork, money, and license after license and taxes.  It it the year that the employees became better armed and equipped than the employers.   That’s right folks…the government and the people that work in it, are our employees.  We pay their salaries and we elect their bosses.  It’s that simple.

With the RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORIST attack that took place in Orlando, the left are back at their tyrannical gun grab and are pushing for yet another ban on firearms that will only effect law abiding citizens.  It is our hope that there are few people left in elected office that actually care about their oath of office and leave our 2nd Amendment alone.  It is the one Amendment that actually makes us America…

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