Gun Control Lunacy: A Public Health Issue?

Apparently, Guns are a Public Health Issue

The Gun Control Debate Is Being Sold As A “Public Health Issue”

The lunacy of the Left knows no bounds.  Basking in the delusion of Kumbaya and a never ending desire to control every aspect of human life, the Left are now selling Gun Control as yet another “I care about your life” study and I know what’s best.  Since none of us are able to take care of ourselves and are remarkably deficient in knowing what is best, we have put together some other items for the passionate Left to consider banning since it is killing us with breathe taking efficiency.  These killers are in no particular order:

Gun Control Public Health

The Government is completely off target.


These need to be banned immediately.  Since the invention of this Public Health disaster, automobiles have continued to kill us at an ever increasing rate.  In 2015 alone, Cars were responsible for killing 38,300 of us, which is up 8% from the previous year.


This cocaine in disguise is everywhere and it is killing us in record setting numbers.  Processed foods, soft drinks, etc. are killing us at a rate of 76,488 in 2015 and the numbers continue to rise. Democrats should take up legislation immediately to ban this Public Health issue once and for all.  At this rate, Sugar will be a top 5 killer in the next 10 years with very few competitors ahead of it.


Cigars, Cigarettes, Beer, Wine, etc. are killing us with unbelievable effectiveness.  Approaching nearly plague levels of death every year, it is flabbergasting that Democrats have not banned these mass murderers.  Combined, they killed nearly 250,000 people in 2015 and contributed to the death of many more.  They both should be placed on the no-fly list and watch list, but yet they are sold in nearly every supermarket and convenience store in the country.  Unbelievable…

Fast Food Chains

The largest terror network in the country are Fast Food chains.  They have training camps placed at nearly every intersection in the country.  The fat grams and cholesterol they sell are killing us at a rate of nearly 600,000 per year in 2015 and the numbers are climbing higher than a triple bacon stacked cheese burger every year on the growth chart.   To add insult to injury, the sugar they peddle on the side masks their killings and makes it difficult to determine who is killing who.  This is a major Public Health issue and why Democrats aren’t looking at this imminent, hot and ready threat, is mind boggling.

Forks, Knives, and anything sold at Lowe’s

Objects in general are the ultimate mass murderers.  They are the professionals in the world of death.  Objects have killed us at a rate of over 1.1 Million per year in 2015 and there are no signs of slowing down.  Cell Phones, Hammers, Saws, Flip-Flops that break when you are on the side of a mountain, etc. are relentless in their quest for death.  The Democrat party should respond to any and all objects yesterday.  They are totally and completely out of control and are killing us at genocidal levels.  Even water is beginning to become a serious threat as it attacks us in bath tubs that act as accessories to these murders.  It is completely unacceptable and shameful that the Democrat party has not taken up legislation to ban these Public Health disasters.


With all of these other inanimate objects causing mass casualties, firearms are one of the lowest on the list.  Firearms managed to kill 12,942 people in 2015.  It seems to us that the Democrat party has their priorities out of order.

Government Says Gun Control Is Public Health Issue

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