Donald Trump Wins Debate “Big League”

Trump Wins Debate "Big League"Donald Trump wins the debate in a land slide

Donald Trump Wins Debate “Big League”

For decades, Conservatives and real Republicans have wanted to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her crime family for being above the law.  We have wanted proof that the justice system in the United States actually works and works for everyone.  The Congress have failed us, the Justice Department have failed us, the FBI has failed us, and the so called Republican leadership has failed us.  Until the 2nd Presidential debate of the most ridiculous election in American history, we have never seen a better prosecution of the most corrupt political syndicate in world history.  Donald Trump finally said and did what every Constitution loving American has wanted to do to the Clinton’s since the early 90s.  He called them out for who they really are and was the first one to do it.

Trump Wins Debate "Big League"

Cause’ you would be in jail..

We can talk about sex tapes and grabbing genitals all day long.  We can talk about the use of the “P” word and the “F” word until we are blue in the face.  We can even talk about how damaging to the character of candidates that this actually is, but hearing it from the party of porno, gay marriages, genderless bathrooms, unicorns, centaurs, and rape defenders is pretty insulting to even the average uninformed American.  The hypocrisy is mind boggling to the point of reverse knowledge.  We are all now dumber for having to hear it and being forced to buy it.  Pathetic doesn’t begin to describe the attempts coming from the Clinton campaign as a “moral authority”….I mean honestly…

The isn’t a defense of the indefensible, but an acknowledgement of truth that Hillary Clinton was completely and utterly destroyed in the 2nd debate….it wasn’t even close.  Whether the media likes it or not, Donald Trump is a change agent, even if by never serving in public office alone.  Hillary Clinton cannot hide from her long tenured service as a public sector employee, nor can she hide her massive net worth accumulated as a result of it.  She is incapable of defending her verbal positions after 30 years of nothing to show for it.  She is the epitome of all talk no action and was finally called out for it during the debate.  Even with the mainstream media in her pocket and intrusive moderators, she was still unable to explain away her record of incompetence.

The RAW Scoop is this.  Trump won the debate “Big League” and reminded the American People why he is the agent of change.  He was put to the test over the 2005 video and has come out of this debate with air in the lungs.  He still has a lot of work to do, but if he continues to perform like he did in the 2nd debate, we may finally be rid of the Clinton Crime Family once and for all…

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